Without a doubt, passion, beauty and celebration are the driving forces behind this exciting new record from these talented musicians.

Ubuntu Music UBU0147

Luca Boscagin (guitar) Jansen Santana (percussion), Matheus Nova (bass), Raphael Delfino (drums), Quentin Collins (trumpet) featuring Camille Bertault (vocals)

Nada Para O Carnaval means “nothing stops the carnival” and this album is certainly infused with an irrepressible street party spirit which showcases the remarkable musicianship of the five group members.

A Brazilian street parade, with “people of all ages and backgrounds coming together to dance, play and sing” was Italian guitarist Luca Boscagin’s inspiration behind these compositions, which make up his first album alongside the well-established group Almanaque.

Staying true to the spirit of Brazil and combining it with African rhythms and a drive for sonic exploration has delighted Almanaque’s audiences from London to Ibiza for several years, and this album captures the musical energy and dexterity of their live performances.

Santana, Nova and Delfino create a complex and tight groove, punctuated with vibrant splashes of percussion that add colour to the carnival vibe.

Laid on top of this are soulful finger-picked solos from Boscagin and the deft trumpet of Quentin Collins, with whistling and voices adding texture on certain tracks, with the vocal talents of Camille Bertault featuring on two chorinhos, and a soulful rendition of Lilia by Milton Nascimento.

Eleven original tunes present the rich musical foundation of these musicians who enjoy the opportunity to express their individuality through improvisation. The tracks with French vocalist Camille Bertault – “the new voice of Jazz,” according to Vanity Fair – are among the most beguiling. Pulsing rhythms, frantic chattering, hushed whispers and mournful cries – all without a single audible ‘word’ – communicate the singer’s playful sensuality and the group’s innovative vision.

In Chorinho Pra Mim her voice entwines with Quentin Collins’ trumpet with an impressive virtuosity, then launches into a free solo of vocal pops, octave leaps and low sounds, displaying an extraordinary range and diversity.

Ubuntu label co-founder Collins has had a career steeped in funk, afro-beat and soul, having played with the likes of Fred Wesley, Omar, Basement Jaxx, Mulatu Astatke and Roy Ayers, and this natural feel for a dancefloor-filling groove complements the group’s dynamic.

The album serves as a tribute to Boscagin’s friend, Gaetano Leandro, and Boscagin poignantly states: “Nothing stops the Carnival. Let us keep the passion for beauty alive in our hearts, and always find something to celebrate and appreciate in this world.”

Without a doubt, passion, beauty and celebration are the driving forces behind this exciting new record from these talented musicians.