A thoughtful collection of songs that takes a quiet look at the frenetic pace of modern life

Self Release – Available from Bandcamp

Eleonora Claps (vocals, percussion, drums); John Crawford (piano, Wurlitzer); Andy Hamill (double bass, electric bass)

A second album from drummer, vocalist and now fully fledged songwriter Eleonora Claps that is sure to resonate with many who also identify with the speed of modern life.

The album’s title comes from Eleonora’s designated time to be free to be herself. As a mother of two young children and juggling family life and commitments that modern times impose, like many of us she finds that the hour is getting late when she is able to switch off and focus on herself.

The music, much of which Eleonora freely admits was written after 10pm, therefore encapsulates the feelings of many of us, and also offer a tinge of nostalgia and a fondness of reminiscing of times past.

Bringing the music to life, Claps has looked to the trio format and enlisted the services of pianist John Crawford who has also arranged the music, and bassist Andy Hamill. The recording studio has also been an essential tool in the use of overdubs for backing vocals and the overall effect is a tastefully done, allowing Eleonora’s attractive writing and lyrics to take centre stage.

The mood is captured beautifully in ‘Contemplate’ where one wonders just when the time to do so will be found, and this is immediately followed by ‘I Got Dreams’ reminding us that this is a commodity that we must all hang on to.

The music is full of subtly and the solos by John Crawford almost creep up and catch you unawares. The music is relaxed throughout and is immensely thought provoking, and the impression is that the solos are strategically placed to allow you to reflect and process the lyrics.

As only appropriate for the Milan-born but London resident Eleonora has written two of the songs in her native tongue, and this adds an additional dimension to the music that is most pleasing. ‘Il Tempo Che Pasa’ that translates as “time that passes” is a lovely duet for Wurtlitzer and voice is about how that special relationship with her mother has evolved as she too has her own children. The other song with lyrics in Italian is ‘E’ Sera’ that is again a duet with Crawford that is a lullaby for her two young daughters, and again a delight.

A thoughtful collection of songs that takes a quiet look at the frenetic pace of modern life, and a possible hankering for the way things were, and finds Claps finding a creative outlet for her own thoughts and feelings.