…Thoughtful and calming album should make you feel right at home.

Zennez Records

Floris Kappeyne – piano, synthesizers; Tijs Klaassen – double bass; Wouter Kuhne – drums

Life slowed down during the pandemic. It was a good time for reflection. I don’t think Floris Kappeyne misses the covid shutdown but he said life getting back to normal can be overwhelming.

CLOSER is something he did for himself and others to try and slow down and reconnect with themselves .

The album uses recording techniques popularized by ASMR, autonomous sensory meridian response. ASMR is used to create a sense of intimacy.

Two microphones were used. The intent was to create a 3-D stereo sound so the listener could feel like they were in the room with the musicians. The album was recorded in the living room of a French castle with a crackling fire. Floris Kappeyene wanted sounds of the castle and nature to be heard on the recoerding.

Floris has been a member of the Amsterdam jazz scene for ten years. He likes mixing jazz and classical. CLOSER is the trio’s third release.

The first thing you hear on ‘Mirror 2 ’is the roaring fire. Floris’s linear piano lines sound simple. When he adds synthesizer those lines pulsate with a beautiful resonance. Listening to Bass player Tijs Klaassen single note attacks you feel the room starting to swirl.

Drummer Wouter Kuhne’s light touch on snare and cymbals add to the airiness.

‘Inner Monologue ’is solo piano. There’s a calmness; a sense of lovely tranquility. You can almost feel a sense of relief from Floris; a reconnection with himself.

The drums take a much more prominent role in ‘Powder Blue, Burgundy, and Sage.’ The snare and cymbals are high up in the mix making piano and bass play along with him. This is the jazziest cut on the album but it’s still got a cool laidback vibe.

You may not be sitting in front of a crackling fire in a French castle but wherever you are this thoughtful and calming album should make you feel right at home.

Reviewed by Tim Larsen