Can you tell us about your new album and album launch?

Our new album Memory in Motion was released on 19th April on Haggis Records. It starts off in a similar vein to our first album, Scheming, in that it is a homage to the early 60’s sound of Blue Note jazz. The idea behind this album was for it to slowly move through the eras and take the audience on a journey towards something new, but still retaining the soulful sound of that golden era of jazz. We have been touring the UK and launching our album for most of April, and have a few shows left on our tour – next up is Paris at Le Duc Des Lombards on 9th and 10th May, followed by Tetbury Goods Shed on 18th May. Also Sidmouth Jazz Festival on 26th May, which looks set to be a brilliant year this year.

What other projects are you currently involved in?

Currently I play keyboards for The Haggis Horns, Abstract Orchestra, Chip Wickham, and a 90’s House homage called Bloc off the Wall, the latter taking me to France and Switzerland most winters to tour the Alps. I also freelance and play with a lot of other bands when needed, as well as doing recording sessions or recording piano or keyboards remotely.

What are you currently listening to and what was the last CD or download you bought?

I can’t remember the last time I bought a CD! I remember the first CD I ever bought was Zombie Nation in about 1999 but that’s probably not what you want to hear! I have however but listening to ‘Omar – Live at Last’ quite a lot lately – it features some incredible musicians on that album – James Maddren, Quentin Collins, Brandon Allen and of course the incomparable Ross Stanley on Organ. I’ve always loved Omar’s songs (I had the pleasure of playing a couple with him at Radio 2’s 50th Birthday at Manchester Apollo a few years back), but these arrangements on the live album are lush, and full of great musicianship.

What is your all-time favourite album and why?

An impossible question for me as I love so many different types of music, but if I had to choose something I might say Absolution by Muse. Only because as an impressionable teenager I was obsessed with them, and when I was 15 I saw the last gig of their world tour of that album, which was their homecoming gig at Westpoint in Exeter – the only way to get out of the crowd easily if you needed the loo or a drink, was to climb onto the crowd and crowd surf to the front, where the security would then take you down and frog march you to the side – which conveniently was where the toilets and the bar were. I guess nostalgia plays a big part in that album for me, so it’s always a bit of a comfort blanket to stick on in the car on the way back from a jazz gig.

Who has caught you attention recently that we should be listening out for?

I’m sure he won’t be a stranger to you, but Joe Webb I think is really vibing right now – he’s one of the best jazz pianists I’ve heard in recent years, I think because his roots and taste are so strong – basically he’s a big Oscar Peterson fan like me! Also no stranger to the jazz scene but a band that I love more and more are Nubiyan Twist. I’ve been listening to them for years but they still surprise me with every release – an artist that is truly moving with the times and sustaining momentum.