the music sounds as fresh and relevant today.

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Global Noize featuring Jason Miles, DJ Logic and Falu – A Prayer for the Planet

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Jason Miles (keyboards, programming, synth bass, drum programming); DJ Logic (turntable, beats); Falu (vocals); Jeff Mironov, Oz Noy, Romero Lubambo (guitar); Andy Snitzer, Ron Holloway (saxophone); Jeff Coffin (tenor sax, soprano sax, bass clarinet); Karl Denson (tenor sax, flute, vocals); Lee Oskar (harmonica); Jay Rodriguez (flute); Mocean Worker (Adam Dorn); Jerry Brooks, Michael League (bass); Josh Dion, Brian Dunne (drums); Tupac Mantilla (percussion); Malika Zarra, Lica Cecato (vocals)

Recorded in the US and Brazil (no recording dates)

This album was first released back in 2011 but has been out of print for a while, hence the high price you’d pay for a second-hand CD copy from a well-known online retailer. Now, album producer Jason Miles has acquired the rights to this work and re-released it on various streaming platforms. The first question is: has the music stood the test of time? The answer is a resounding yes – the music sounds as fresh and relevant today. What’s more, the album’s concept, of a planet where people try to come together, has never seemed more apposite than in today’s conflict-stricken world.

Jason Miles is best known as a synthesiser programmer who has worked with an array of artists over the years, from Miles Davis to David Sanborn, and Ivan Lins to Michael Brecker. Many of the projects he worked on were in tandem with Marcus Miller. Since then, he has branched out into production work and released a string of albums. This project is a musical collective which sees Miles team up with DJ Logic (aka Lee Jason Kibler), who is known for mixing of jazz, hip-hop and funk. He has worked with Vernon Reid, Christian McBride and the late Bob Belden. Indian-born singer Falu is an American citizen who has worked with Philip Glass, Yo-Yo Ma and the late Bernie Worrell from Parliament/Funkadelic.

The album is a musical potpourri that includes jazz, hip-hop, techno, funk, Latin and World music. The global nature of the collective is reinforced by the contributions of two other female singers, Moroccan Malika Zarra and Brazilian Lica Cecato. Many of the musicians are from the New York music scene, and the line-up includes Lee Oskar from the band War, Israeli guitarist Oz Noy, and Brazilian jazz guitarist Romero Lubambo.

The opening number ‘21st Century Preacherman’ is a midtempo blend of jazz, funk and techno. Karl Denson not only plays some blazing sax over Jeff Mironov’s jangling rhythm guitar, but also delivers the Preacherman’s hollering vocals. Jason Miles’ adds some stabbing, funky lines on organ. Falu’s sultry vocals float above a funk rhythm with an Eastern feel on ‘Charisma Love,’ supported Andy Snitzer’s winding soprano sax lines and sampled violin pizzicato.

‘Cosmic Hugs’’ programmed chugging beat is dominated by Ron Holloway’s tenor sax and Miles’ electric piano. ‘Walking On Air’ has drummer Brian Dunne playing a slow, steady 4/4 beat, bolstered by the sweet sound of Jay Rodriguez’s flute and a sampled vibraphone doubling up to play the tune’s pretty motif. Miles also deploys a wah-wah effect on his keyboard in places.

‘Natuerza E Paz’ combines a silky midtempo Latin groove with seductive vocals from Lica Cecato and the smooth touch of Romero Lubambo on acoustic guitar, while the title track (which starts off with a conga rhythm pattern that evokes the intro to Marvin Gaye’s ‘Inner City Blues’) features Falu’s pleading, yearning vocals for a better world. She also double tracks her vocals for the background parts. It’s a moving piece. ‘Rios’ (it stands for a ‘riot in outer space’) is a techno-funk number with a programmed syncopated beat, and has Jeff Coffin playing all the horns (including tenor and soprano sax) and Oz Noy providing snarling guitar lines, funk riffs and wah-wah effects.

‘Tokyo Sunrise’ starts off like the start of a new day, slowly and dreamily, with Andy Snitzer’s airy soprano sax lines and Brian Dunne laying down a strong beat on drums. ‘Viva La Femme’ features a sparkling vocal performance from Malika Zarra, who in places, harmonizes with Lee Oskar’s harmonica. The feisty ‘Wanna Be With You’ features DJ Logic’s hard-edged beats and an assertive vocal message from Falu. If you missed this album the first time around, it is well worth catching up with, especially if like jazz flavoured with the sounds, beats and rhythms of other genres and other places.