Can you tell us about your new album?

The new album is the result of recent years rehearsing and playing newly written music on occasional gigs with Horncraft. I wanted the album to reflect melodic and harmonic lines that I hear and the ensemble sound that is unique and personal. As well as I want the improvisational skills of the great musicians in the band to become an important part.

All the members of the group have been very eager to make the most of the music and now felt the need to record it and to come out and share it with a larger audience than just the concert audience.

It is also a very personal album for me, and all songs relate to different episodes in my life.

For many years I´ve played both trumpet and french horn in jazz settings such as the Swedish Radio Jazz Group as well as other commercial settings.

One of my biggest inspirations have been Swedish tenor giant Bernt Rosengren who passed away recently. I played in his big band as well as an octet that recorded 4 CDs and we even got a Swedish Grammy. Also, Kenny Wheeler, Thad Jones, Gil Evans, Don Cherry, George Russel and Lars Gullin are some of my inspirations as a writer.

I´m very lucky to have spent some time with Kenny Wheeler on tour with James Last Orchestra and also on a small tour with the Swedish Radio Jazz Group. Listening to Kenny playing and warming up in the band room was great. All these experiences have inspired me to make this album.

What other projects are you currently involved with?

Some 20 years ago I moved out a bit too far away from Stockholm and I´m no longer much involved in the music scene there. Since then, I´m part of a small local chamber music group called 713, that play a few gigs a year locally around Nora, the small town closest to me.  It´s a challenge to write for the setup of, soprano singer, piano, organ, trumpet and horn but it´s fun and I like to play in churches. The acoustic really favours the horn.

What are you currently listening to and what was the last CD or download you bought?

Stan Sulzmanns big band album is the latest of my downloads.  Nikki Iles is also a favourite as a pianist and composer. I actually recorded an album with Stan and Nikki and Swedish bassplayer Patrik Boman 1998, but I never got it released.

Currently due to the enormous amount of good music available I listen to a lot of different things that I come across on YouTube and Spotify.

It can be a particular song that I´d like to learn, like an old ballad or so, but no particular group or artist. I always liked Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Dexter Gordon and John Coltrane so I guess that makes me a bit of an old-timer.

What is your all-time favourite album and why?

One of my favourite albums for a long time is Kenny Wheeler’s Music for Large and Small Ensemble. It’s my favourite because there is so much in it and his mixture of simplicity and almost chaotic complexity is wonderful. The first tune “Opening” builds on small phrases put together like a jigsaw puzzle and blends into something so beautifully harmonized, it is a real gem. His trumpet playing is phenomenal. Two very good friends of mine, Stan Sulzmann and Derek Watkins play beautifully on that album.

I also listen to the first LP I bought when I was young, Milestones from 1958.

Lots of fast complicated phrases mixed with some beautiful and haunting simple lines. I like that.  Miles Davis’s Sketches of Spain is another favourite.

Who has caught your attention recently that we should be listening out for?

It’s hard for me to list anyone in particular who has caught my attention recently. There are so many talented and skilled jazz musicians that deserve more attention and the musicians in Horncraft all inspire me. The pianist in my band, Torbjörn Gulz is a fantastic musician and educator who played with saxophone player Jonas Kullhammar’s quartet for many years.

They travelled a lot and were succesful. Kullhammars MOSEROBIE record company is well worth looking out for with a lot of interesting musicians.

The trumpetplayer in my band works hard to get his quartet out on the field and they have two well received records out.  Check out Erik Palmberg and his quartet on, First Lines and In Between.

The saxophoneplayer in my band Örjan Hultén is also a very productive musician, and he toured in UK with his quartet a couple of years ago. Check out his label Artogrush they have some interesting CDs.

Yet another talent to look out for is trumpeter Ann-Sofie Söderqvist who is probably better known for her excellent writing.

As i said there are many more out there and I´m a bit lost myself in what to listen to so I just listen to anything that I come across that touches my mind so to speak. No matter what genre it is.