April Records keep releasing terrific recordings. DISAPPEARANCE just got added to the list.

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Esben Tjalve – Piano, keyboards; Torben Bjornskov – Double bass, electronics; Frederik Bulow – Drums

The Danish jazz trio Human Being Human describe themselves as explorers of “improvisation, grooves and moods.”

The trio’s sound on their new album, DISAPPEARANCE, is joyous, introspective, and compelling.

Human Being Human is made up of bassist Torben Bjornskov, pianist Esben Tjalve, and drummer Frederik Bulow. Forming the band may have been bassist Bjornskov’s idea but listening to DISAPPEARANCE the music is so casually in sync and it flows with a relaxing, reassuring energy.

’15-4 ’starts the album with drums, bass, and piano working a repetitive pattern. The piano plays some scales and those cascade into a happy sounding jazz-pop groove, a la Joe Sample. The bass and drums rocklike sense of time plus their rhythmic swing show Human Being Human have group chemistry in spades.

A jazzy military drum pattern starts ‘Continuation Day.’ Tjalve adds some cool post bop piano. And then bass and drums kick out this funky kinda groove you could hear on the streets of New Orleans. The bop’s there and so is the funk. It’s amazing to hear how well these two genres blend and complement one another.

’Together Again ’is gorgeous. The piano part sounds simple. It’s so melodic you’ll be humming along before the song’s over. The bass fairly sings. Frederik Bulow is a drummer who never tries to overpower but you always appreciate he’s there. What he does with brushes on this quiet tune is exquisite.

Bjornskov doesn’t use a lot of electronics on DISAPPEARANCE. It’s used on ‘When You Find It, You Will Know ’and besides adding a different texture it makes the trio feel like a bigger group. It sounds like Tjalve starts on electric piano and then switches. The electronics mimic the pianos and, at times, sound like a pleasantly swirling breeze in the background.

All eight compositions were written by the trio. There’s nary a clinker.

April Records keep releasing terrific recordings. DISAPPEARANCE just got added to the list.