A piece of music that takes the breath away.

Lara Eidi – Sun

Self release – Available from Bandcamp

Lara Eidi- Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar; Petros Fatis- Drums; Harrys Pandazis- Bass; Stavros Parginos- Cello; Eirini Anastasiou- Cello; Catherine Tepelena- Violin; Tasos Gousetis- Violin

This is the debut album of the Athens born vocalist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Lara Eidi, and brings forth a variety of influences from acoustic rock. Jazz, classical and folk music. In addition to performing, she has taken the stage in venues across the UK and Greece including an appearance at the Royal Albert Hall, she also composes for vocal film scores and is involved in creative workshops.

As you will gather from the above, this is not going to be a vocal jazz album of standards, but a more a juxtaposition of Eidi’s many experiences and influences. Eidi has been dubbed as a jazz-folk singer, but perhaps the most accurate way of describing the vocalist’s oeuvre is that of a singer-songwriter. A long tradition of storytellers, and that is just what Eidi does in this engaging set of original songs that radiate optimism and the joy of life. As Eidi herself has pointed out, “Even on the darkest of days, there is always Sun”.

Looking to expand her tonal palette and stretch herself as an arranger, Eidi has embraced a full rhythm section in addition to strings. Also using the recording studio as an additional ‘instrument’ the vocalist is able to overdub her voice to add her own backing vocals which are used to stunning effect on the opening ‘Breathe Love’ along with cello and violins.

Another clever and attractive melody is ‘Tide’ with its relaxing guitar lines that carry the bass, drums and vocals effortlessly, and Lara’s soulful voice is captivating on ‘Hang On’. Eidi’s ability to convey a story through song is demonstrated in fine style on ‘Forgive’ that focusses on the lyric with an almost skeletal arrangement.

Her skill in arranging and ability to cut things right back when necessary are heard on the beautiful closing number, ‘Maybe Then’ for strings and voice. This piece is so hauntingly lovely and moving that it just stops the listener in their tracks and reaching for the repeat button as the last notes fade. A piece of music that takes the breath away. Is there a better way to close an album?