It’s a sweet album, so crank up the volume, grab a Mai Tai, don’t forget the sunscreen, and go sit by the pool.

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Mulo Francel – Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Mandoline, Whistle, Flute, Tenor Recorder; Andreas Hinterseher – Accordian, Vibrandoneon, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trombone; D.D Lowka – Bass, Percussion; Chris Gall – Piano, Harpejji, Pandeiro; Tim Collins – Vibraphone, Voice, Drums, Shaker; Paul Morello – Jazz Guitar, Spanish Guitar, Cavaquinho; Phillip Schiepek – Jazz Guitar, Spanish Guitar; Marco Lobo – Brazilian Percussion

Quadro Nuevo has released the perfect soundtrack for welcoming the arrival of summer. The CD cover’s artwork is splashed with sand and sun in beautiful warm pastels.

Quadro Nuevo has played over 4000 concerts worldwide. This German quartet has been around since 1996. There are no synthesizers or added electronics. They stick to acoustic instruments; blending elements of flamenco, melodies from old Europe, folk, and Balkan swing.

All of the band members helped compose HAPPY DELUXE. The two covers, ‘Happy ’and ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy ’are templates for what this whole album is all about; chill, take a break, it’s okay, relax, and have fun with the music.

Watching television in North Dakota in the 1960s on a Sunday night always included my parents and The Lawrence Welk Show. Not my favorite show but I liked the accordionist, Myron Floren. Welk’s band had talented musicians but sometimes they were a little schmaltzy, and, occasionally, so is Quadro Nuevo.

Listening to ‘Morello Beach ’I see a dimly lit lounge, the comedian just left the stage, and there are a few older couples dancing. Mulo Francel is playing a lot of relaxed tenor sax and he’s really good. Paulo Morello makes playing the jazz guitar sound so easy. Andreas Hinterseher on accordion, Tim Collins on vibraphone, and D.D. Lowka on bass propels this along. There are not many drums on HAPPY DELUXE.

Pianist Chris Gall penned four of the tunes on HAPPY DELUXE. ‘Ilha Grande’ is a blend of classical, flamenco, and pop. Everyone contributes to the joyful, uptempo ‘Rio Sunrise.’ Francel has a short but brilliant tenor sax solo. Gall’s dancing fingers make for a happy piano. I hear some Vince Guaraldi in his playing.

I think everyone got a little tired of hearing Bobby McFerrin sing ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy.’ Quadro Nuevo’s version is a gem. The vocal is replaced with Francel’s clarinet. He mimics the original vocal but then shows the world what a great improviser he is. Hinterseher’s accordion will make you smile.

There’s nothing pretentious or cutting edge about HAPPY DELUXE. It’s a sweet album, so crank up the volume, grab a Mai Tai, don’t forget the sunscreen, and go sit by the pool.